Property Tax Appeals

Are your commercial property taxes too high?  Is your industrial or residential property tax assessment inaccurate?

Swanson Law Office, in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, represents property owners in the Twin Cities area in property tax appeals.  Contact us for tax appeal representation from a local law firm.

Inaccurate Tax Assessment of Commercial, Residential and Industrial Real Estate

In the State of Minnesota, your property is assessed by a County Assessor.   Your tax assessment is based on the county’s estimation of the value of your property.   When the assessment does not reflect the property’s current fair market value or if the assessment is inaccurately calculated, that results in a tax bill which may be unfair for you, the property owner.

Your property tax assessment could be based on an incorrect valuation or an inflated valuation that existed prior to your ownership of the property.  The assessment of your property cannot be changed unless you file a property tax appeal.  As a property owner, if you disagree with the assessment, you have the right to appeal your property taxes, provided you do so within the required timeframe.

Offering assistance to owners of Commercial, Residential and Industrial Real Estate

Swanson Law Office is pleased to offer assistance owners of  residential, industrial and commercial property including shopping centers, banks, restaurants, vacant land, sports facilities, manufacturing facilities, office buildings and high end residential property.

Appeal of Your Property Taxes

You will continue to pay excessive property taxes while you own the property if you do not appeal your property taxes.  The excessive tax valuation for your property may reduce its market value.  There are many procedural requirements which must be strictly followed in order for an appeal to be successful.   Christine M. Swanson is an experienced Property Tax Appeal Attorney.

Payment of Taxes during the Property Tax Appeal

Appealing your property taxes does not exempt you from your legal responsibility to pay your yearly property taxes.  If you prevail on your property tax challenge, at the end of your case, you will be issued a refund by the County.

Swanson Law Office is dedicated to representing property owners who wish to appeal assessments on commercial, industrial and residential real estate.  If you feel your real estate taxes have been inaccurately assessed, and would like to discuss pursuing a property tax appeal, please call Property Tax Appeal Lawyer Christine Swanson at Swanson Law Office at 651.295.8762 or email us for a free consultation.